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Radeon settings will not load profiles from older driver versions, and the FAN Control settings have been seriously " Degraded " V 18.12.3

Question asked by starcat on Dec 29, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by starcat

Upon install the driver does what new drivers for Vega 64 often times do. It creates " instability and quirkiness on the Radeon settings display, refusing for a while to display fan RPMs and Temps for the second card in the system. The old Radeon settings profiles will NOT LOAD correctly and the software interface, especially regarding fan control has been made much more difficult to use and duplicate from card to card, the same settings. The OLD Fan control was logical, the new one is NOT.

Why do software engineers insist on constantly attempting to change things that are working just fine? The Radeon settings interface should be FULLY backwards compatible across ALL driver versions. Updates always invite problems that waste tons of time.