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My RX470 card keeps crashing

Question asked by ongieg on Dec 28, 2018

So my graphics card has been doing well with no problems for about the last 2 years but recently whenever I try to play any game, ex. GTAV, Garrys Mod, or even do a bench mark, it either crashes the game/benchmark or the whole computer itself. I have uninstalled the drivers multiple times and tried different driver versions to see if that would fix the problem with no luck. My PC specs are : Windows 10 64 bit, CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600x, GPU: Visiontek RX 470. The problem has gradually been getting worse because it even crashed once when typing this forum post. I am also unable to open the Radeon settings because whenever i try to open it nothing happens. (I even tried running it as an administrator) I am also running adrenaline 18.12.2, so all my software is up to date. Attached is a screen shot of about:gpu. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thanks.