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    Lost 144 Hz Vertical Sync


      After I finally decided to install the latest and greatest Adrenalin Software, granted I was curious about the "Enhanced Sync", I had to find out that someone down the line caps the vertical refresh to 60 Hz. I have a triple screen setup with 3 Acer GN246HL monitors, fed by a R9 390X XFX GPU.

      No sweat here, worked all just fine, since I use one DP 2 DVI-D adapter (active and yes it can handle 144 Hz) I run it normally at 120 Hz. My games are set to use 120 Hz and all was fine with the 18.5.1 Software. Except the fictitious screen resolution, but who cared?

      With the latest, most bestest and most goodest Software no money can buy, my displays don't want to go beyond 60 Hz, either Windows or AMD caps it right there.

      Actually, it is quite a piece of art, I went from 18.5.1 to 18.12.2 and then to 18.12.3. It still wants me to upgrade to 18.12.2, apparently someone lost track of the software flow.

      However, if I use only one display, I will be able to use 144 Hz Vertical refresh!

      AMD, can read and fix this for me, there maybe also others and don't even know about it yet.

      I even went so far to actually replace the "generic PNP Monitor driver" with the Acer driver, which is a bit outdated and the generic worked just fine, prior to Adrenalin 18.12.3. 

      I can't get away from the feeling, that the Adrenalin Software goofed on that one. Besides the restriction to 60 Hz, it calculates screen resolutions that my monitors aren't capable of.

      Funny part, it might change without notice! So every time this happens, some of my games wont' start and I have to Mickey Mouse around until I got this going again.


      Please, please, AMD have a look at triple screens and their refresh / resolution so it will be correct in future releases. The resolution thing is going for some time now!

      My monitors can do single 1920 x 1080 so multiplied by 3 the max horizontal is 5760 x 1080 no more and no less @ 144 Hz.

      Thank you!

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          Sure sounds like a bug that AMD needs to fix. They won't know about it from here unless one of the Mods chooses to intervene. That is rare, but happens. These are USER to USER forum only. No AMD Driver Development Team here. I've been told that the driver guys are seen on Reddit. I don't use it, so don't know. The only Official way to correspond with AMD are through their issue reports and e-support tickets.


          Here is a link to the latter: Online Service Request | AMD

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              Thanks for all that input!

              In my particular case, it seems that nothing after 18.5.1 will work.

              My guess is, since the dev's monkey'ed around with the refresh and vert sync (Enhanced Sync) it might have gotten a little beaten up.

              I'll leave it for now with the 18.12.3 since it does work, but I like to eliminate flicker as much as I can, hence the 144 Hz monitors.

              If all fails, I simply install the 18.5.1 package again. I got it as a full install package sitting in a folder, just in case.

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                  It unfortunately sure seems that way. My RX 580 nock on wood is good. I don't think that AMD deserves being said to have bad game drivers. I think they do a tremendous job supporting the standards. They however don't seem to be able to uniformly support their own hardware and feature sets. While I have a current card working fine, my three older cards that are supposed to be supported are relegated to older drivers of different versions each to perform at their best. I hope they get their ducks in a row again. I think that for years their bad driver rep was undeserved and coming myself from Nvidia because of their horrid driver support on older games, know this to be true. However recently their act is not together and it doesn't take long to erode your user base.

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                Maybe some help here:

                Radeon™ Software Help Center | AMD

                Configuring Radeon Settings for Improved Productivity and Viewing Experience

                The Radeon Settings user interface provides many display features and options that can be customized to suit your needs.  Below is a list of guides that explain each feature in detail with setup instructions.  To jump to a main topic or subtopic that you are interested in learning more, simply click on the link.

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                    Thanks for the input, but I am aware that there are many ways in many different locations, to configure the displays.

                    Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do, if AMD (driver) does not list the resolution I desire. This goes for the Desktop too, but I don't care much about the desktop resolution / vertical sync.

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                    This happened to me with my eyefinity setup as well. They'll have to fix it in a future update. After driver beta is when that bug started. You can run the displays in 144hz, but soon as you make a eyefinity setup, it'll only work at 60hz. I reported the problem on December 19, and had a response from AMD that they'll fix it in a future update. Untill then i rolled back to driver beta. I use this site to get older AMD drivers, www. techpowerup.com/download/amd-radeon-graphics-drivers/

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                        FYI, on the AMD driver download page, if you scroll down on the page you download the current driver on, there is a link to Previous Drivers. You can get the older drivers from AMD.



                        Everyone with this issue needs to Report it to AMD. The more reports they get the faster they usually fix stuff.

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                          Well, AMD is actually putting out updates on a regular and irregular basis. So it will probably be fixed one day, if they'll know about it, that is.

                          There must be a mistake in the algorithm to calculate the screen resolution, or it is assumed that nobody has a screen 5670x1080 @ 144Hz running...

                          In 18.5.1, last package I used before this one, the resolution was incorrect (up to over 6000 pixels horizontal, virtual resolution I guess), but at least all vert sync rates were listed and select-able.

                          This resolution issue, causes your games to go out of whack, some have their own resolution setting, suddenly the desktop resolution is different and your game images may be skewed or it may not even start until you correctly input the resolution.

                          Yes not a typo: Desktop Resolution, don't know why some games are referenced to the desktop resolution and still want you to set it in the game?


                          Now, this applies only when running in triple screen configuration. Running just one screen will select the correct maximum e.g. 1920x1080 @ 144Hz vertical refresh.

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                          This issue is known and is under investigation by engineering.

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