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Lost 144 Hz Vertical Sync

Question asked by norbie on Dec 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2018 by amdmatt

After I finally decided to install the latest and greatest Adrenalin Software, granted I was curious about the "Enhanced Sync", I had to find out that someone down the line caps the vertical refresh to 60 Hz. I have a triple screen setup with 3 Acer GN246HL monitors, fed by a R9 390X XFX GPU.

No sweat here, worked all just fine, since I use one DP 2 DVI-D adapter (active and yes it can handle 144 Hz) I run it normally at 120 Hz. My games are set to use 120 Hz and all was fine with the 18.5.1 Software. Except the fictitious screen resolution, but who cared?

With the latest, most bestest and most goodest Software no money can buy, my displays don't want to go beyond 60 Hz, either Windows or AMD caps it right there.

Actually, it is quite a piece of art, I went from 18.5.1 to 18.12.2 and then to 18.12.3. It still wants me to upgrade to 18.12.2, apparently someone lost track of the software flow.

However, if I use only one display, I will be able to use 144 Hz Vertical refresh!

AMD, can read and fix this for me, there maybe also others and don't even know about it yet.

I even went so far to actually replace the "generic PNP Monitor driver" with the Acer driver, which is a bit outdated and the generic worked just fine, prior to Adrenalin 18.12.3. 

I can't get away from the feeling, that the Adrenalin Software goofed on that one. Besides the restriction to 60 Hz, it calculates screen resolutions that my monitors aren't capable of.

Funny part, it might change without notice! So every time this happens, some of my games wont' start and I have to Mickey Mouse around until I got this going again.


Please, please, AMD have a look at triple screens and their refresh / resolution so it will be correct in future releases. The resolution thing is going for some time now!

My monitors can do single 1920 x 1080 so multiplied by 3 the max horizontal is 5760 x 1080 no more and no less @ 144 Hz.

Thank you!