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Sea of Thieves: Missing 2D assets since installing new GPU. Strangest issue I've ever seen

Question asked by imbadatthis on Dec 28, 2018



I am at my wit's end (and the end of my limited abilities) here and am hoping you all might have some insight to share. I am an avid Sea of Theives player and recently made a small video card upgrade to get better visual fidelity: went from an R9 280x to an XFX RX 580 (8GB "Black Edition," if it matters).


Since then, I cannot play the game. Loading into the game takes me to the splash screen, as usual, except the logo is missing. Hitting Enter causes me to go the ship select screen, as usual, except the ship selection options, small text at the bottom (settings; invite friends; etc.) is missing. I have had some limited success blind pressing through the menus: hitting the combination of keys required to go from windowed to fullscreen, for instance, works, but attempting to change my resolution does not appear to bear fruit.


I have noticed the game also displays in a non-wide setting since this problem started. (Running an ultrawide monitor at the suggested 2560x1080). This was not a problem with the 280x and indeed the switch to a widescreen rez semeed to fix some of the small performance issues I'd had. (Crashing etc. related to AMD cards unless running at lower settings than my system should ostensibly support.)


As I said before, I am at the end of my capabilities here -- have tried updating drivers, manually adjusting resolutions, and all the other basic-user tricks people do when facing problems with new hardware. Attempts to play other games bear no problems that I can see. Specs are as follows:


750w Corsair power supply

Intel I7

16gb ram


Any idea what may be causing this? My sincere appreciation to anyone who can help... let me know if I can provide any other information.