Radeon Pro Vega20 and Titan Quest: Ragnarök

Discussion created by psycogeek on Dec 28, 2018

I'll start off with the system first:


MacBook Pro 15,3 w/ Intel Core i9-8950HK, 32Gb of PC2400 DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 20 w/4Gb HBM2, running Windows 10 on a bootcamp partition. Windows 10 is up to date.


The problem I'm having is periodic black screens in Titan Quest: Ragnarök. The interval isn't fixed... it can happen after 15 seconds or 15 minutes of playing, last 20-30 seconds, then happen again 30 seconds later or 3 minutes later, and occurs in single player or LAN..... completely random.


I've tried every solution I could find on Steam with no results, every compatibility mode from Win95 through Win8, and starting the game through Steam in Win10 Safe Mode - the problem persists through all of them (Win95 through WinME comparability modes produce other problems, like stuttering audio, as well as the black screens). One thing I've noted is that when using Win95/98/ME compatibility modes the black screens were less frequent. I can also confirm that Win10 is using the Vega 20 discrete graphics and not the Intel UHD 630 graphics.


I've also tried to find an updated driver from AMD (and have even sent them a ticket on the issue).


Any and all help will be appreciated.