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Monitor (graphics tablet) not working with AMD Radeon drivers installed

Question asked by grimik on Dec 28, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 15, 2019 by grimik

Hello, this is my first post, I have problem with a graphics tablet, I'm an illustrator and digital animator, I got a Huion Kamvas pro 12, when I connect it to my PC, it shows a screen with gray noise (like old tv without signal). The problem is with the AMD Driver, because when I uninstall it it works without problems, and the moment I reinstall the graphics drivers it fails again. It works correctly if I start in safe mode.


PC specs:

Asus Prime a320m-k

Ryzen 3 2200G

12 gb of ram

Windows 10




Things I already tried:

1.- Cleanly uninstall and reinstall the graphics and tablet drivers. The tablet works while the amd drivers are not installed and fails when are installed.

2.- A clean Windows installation, and again the monitor works as long as the amd drivers are not installed and fails again when are installed.

3.- Already tested in another PC with Intel graphics and another one with Nvidia graphics and the monitor works properly even with the graphics Tablet drivers not installed.

4.- Installing all Windows updates.
5.- Update BIOS

6.- Using safe mode, it works while staying on this mode, works every time as long the gpu drivers are not used.


My theory is that there is a problem in the refresh rate, when I use the monitor without amd drivers, in properties of the screen comes out that goes at 64 hz (no more options given), but when I install the driver, seeing from another minotor, comes it changes it to 59 hz (with 60, 59 and 50 as options but it won't let me change).


I have other HDMI monitors and they work fine.


Thank you for your help, I need it because it is my source of work.