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AMD CPU A10 8700P and AMD R7-365/ R8-365. windows 10 to 18.03 version. Code-43 graphics drivers stopped by windows. AMD SMBus no drivers found

Question asked by zaeemhasan on Dec 28, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2018 by zaeemhasan

Hi,  I have HP ab054ng with AMD CPU A10 8700P and AMD R7-365/ R8-365 dedicated GPU. I updated windows 10 to 18.03 version in May-2018 and since then I am having AMD graphics driver issue. I can not open catalyst as it says no driver/device found. Device driver shows exclamation sign with code-43. I tried several techniques like reinstalling, windows restore, etc. but none worked. I also seeing AMD SMBus displaying message that no drivers installed but in drivers tab there are drivers installed and listed. Then in Aug-Sep-2018 I tried to force install factory provided AMD drivers of year 2015 and it worked but still can not find catalyst center or AMD graphics settings. if I update to latest drivers drivers I still get code-43 error.