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    Again problems with fan speed

      I have version 18.12.3 installed where it is supposed to correct the problems with fan speed,
      I have a shapphire rx 560 oc. In automatic mode it rotates too slowly according to previous version of driver,the rpm goes up and down very abruptly at 1200 rpm goes up to 2000 rpm and on the contrary it does the same to give an example.
      The manual does not correspond to what the supervisor of the performance.
      I do not know if it's a bug related to the drivers or related to amd overlay.
      It is a somewhat uncomfortable situation because the previous version the 18.12.2 the fan also failed and in this to me has not been corrected





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          Your problem is not the drivers...or AMD's. It's the super-duper cooling software built in to your Sapphire graphics card that handles your fans and temperature. Like all third party graphics controllers, it conflicts with AMD settings and controls. Delete it or live with it...direct your questions to Sapphire.

          Intelligent Fan Control III