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rx470 driver not working properly in Windows 10 (Code 43)

Question asked by frustratedwithdrivers on Dec 26, 2018
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I have looked at all forums and followed loads of advice, requiring removal of the card, un-installing/re-installing, certificates etc etc, but nothing has resolved my issue.


I bought a Sapphire Nitro+ RX470 Radeon 8GB for my son's PC - Christmas upgrade on the existing HD6870 XFX Black Edition.  The PC is built on an ASUS M5A78L-M USB3 motherboard with an AMD Phenom Processor (x6 1045T 2.70GHz), with 8GB Ram.


I have tried literally everything to install the darn card - windows recognises it in Devices Manager, but show the Code 43 and is using the standard Microsoft Display as a result.  I had a similar issue when I built my PC with a 2200G AMD Ryzen and on this the Card in built in! (Can't quite work out how I fixed it either.)


I have tried installing from the disk (which was Vulcan VT and Crimson I think), tried the latest Adrenaline update and optional one.  Uninstalled them all with a driver removal tool and also manually, reinstalled.  Taken the card out and cleaned the connections.  Nothing is working.


Why is it so difficult for Microsoft not to recognise the driver or for AMD to understand that this happens (Seen A LOT of people with problems), and create a wizard or troubleshooter???


Anyway - can anyone help please?  This is seriously affecting my son's PC Fortnite game stats....


Many thanks