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    Freesync stops working, heavy microstutter and flicker


      Hi all,


      I recently bought an rx 590, to try out freesync with my AOC C24G1 monitor. It worked great, but after a 1 or 2 hours freesync would suddenly stop working, and instead give me microstutter in all games.

      I can get freesync to work again by reinstalling my graphics driver, but it always breaks a few hours after i've installed the any graphics driver. I'm trying to figure out how to fix this. I also use a second monitor that does not have freesync, is it possible that it is causing the problems?

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          Also, forgot to mention that I noticed the flicker problem that some freesync users seem to be getting, but that only happens for me when the heavy microstutter kicks in.

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            Sorry you are having issues. While there have definitely been some issues in drivers regarding FreeSync. Not all those issue are the drivers. One of the often overlooked things are the monitors themselves. One being, make sure FreeSync is enabled in the monitors settings. Second is people don't download the driver for their monitor. This monitor does have a driver so make sure you use it. AOC Monitor | Download drivers


            The drivers work really well on my RX 580 which is very similar to your RX 590. My range only goes to 75 and yours to 144. I have seen more driver related complaints in that higher range. Also note that IPS panels typically don't flicker. VA panels are know to have some flicker. TN panels seem to be the worst. From the specs I read yours is a VA panel so some flickering may be normal.


            None of that explains the moniotor suddenly stopping working randomly with FreeSync. Hopefully if you aren't already using the driver that fixes it. Please don't assume that if you loaded that driver at one time it is still loaded. WIndows update likes to switch the driver back to the Generic PNP. So make sure you have the right one.


            From there many have said they bought a quality Display Port cable and that fixes things or they switched and try the HDMI port or vice versa. So that may give you a couple things to try.


            Hope you get it working. Please let us know if something did or didn't work.


            Good Luck!

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