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Question asked by b.ramos on Dec 23, 2018
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I have an MSI 990FXA-GB80 MoBo.  I just installed two Crucial 500gig SSD's into my case and SATA3 to my MoBo.  My previous SSD, a Mushkin, got corrupted and died and I lost my recent data.  SO, I decided I would do RAID 1 this time with the two Crucial SSD's.  I have 16 gig of RAM.  My processor is an AMD Phenom II X6 1075T.  I also have a fresh Win 10 CD.  My previous Windows was Win7 with a free upgrade to WIn10.   I setup the RAID 1 in the MSI BIOS.  Put in the Win 10 CD.  And installed Windows.  Everything went smoothly.  Win10 was loaded on DISC 0. BUT.  And isn't there always a But?


Did Windows actually install on BOTH of my SSD's?  If not, do I have to install Windows on each  SSD individually?  The reason I ask is simple.  I have an 320 gig HDD I wanted to use as a media storage device in this same machine.  So after I got everything installed, I went into Control Panel and selected Storage Spaces to create that storage device.  AND, it shows my other Crucial SSD DISC 1 AND the Seagate HDD as DISC2  as un-formatted and available for storage.  Both are showing connected via RAID.  DISC 1 is showing 465GIG capacity and it is a 500 GIG drive.  So that 35 GIG's is WIN10?


Thanks, Bruce