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    18.3.3 Driver is the last working Driver for me - Other Driverversions = Black Screen


      Hi there, as i read a lot in this forum i found that many of you have the same problem.



      My Graphic Card is 2x Radeon HD 8970M.


      Windows 7 64-bit



      My Problem is if i installed every newer driver after 18.3.3 my internal Monitor (PnP) is dissapearing. (Device-Manager)

      I searched in Windows Updates for newer Monitor drivers but i can't find anything!

      Monitor is working in booting or in linux mint, but after the windows logo i get a black screen.

      Maybe if i connect a second monitor it works on this, but i have a notebook/laptop so the internal monitor MUST work!

      I can only work in windows with teamviewer from my smartphone with this Computer. Or with linux or older drivers.