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    Vega 64 throttles it's memory clock in games sometimes.


      So for some strange reason, the memory clock would be stuck in a really low clock like 167 mhz after running for a while, temperate of HBM2 usually hovers around 80-83, anyone knows why? This seem to occur after the new driver updates that included the auto undervolt/clock/memory feature ..


      Setting/Unsetting "HBCC Memory Segment" and applying seems to fix the issue without requiring a restart. It's not really a solution but it can save you 5 minutes.

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          I have this same issue, on 18.12.3. Thanks for the HBCC memory segment trick, that worked for me, hopefully this bug gets squashed for good in the next update


          edit: HBCC toggle seems to be a fix for only 5 minutes before the card goes back to 835/500.


          edit #2: after a few days of generally fiddling around (unrelated to this issue) I replicated this bug after an extended gaming session (approx 2 hours). Still on the latest beta drivers, clockspeeds came down to 849 core / 700 HMB2 from overclocked 1600/900. GPU and HMB temps were always <60 degrees celcius so not likely a throttling issue. I'll do more 'research' into this and see if I can give you guys some more info.