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Adrenalin 18.12.3, My Feedback.

Question asked by pop3d on Dec 24, 2018

Well, i have just installed AMD Driver/Software Adrenalin 18.2.3 and i noticed two things:


First: AMD software keeps notifying me that there is an update to my Adrenalin from 18.12.3 to 18.12.2, i think this is a bug that needs to be fixed as it is obvious that i have a newer version...


Second: I wonder who in the development team thought that this is a nice thing to have?! (Check attached image)


Why would i have to go through this frustratingly performance-killing tab!; with every single game on my system being scanned for optimization; just so i can get to the 'Gaming' settings tab and 'OverDrive' settings tab in the Adrenalin Software?


How about just bringing the 'Gaming' settings and 'OverDrive' settings to the front so they would be the first landing page when i click on the 'Gaming' tab and then make this game optimization tab "Game Explorer" as a sub tab inside it that i can access it if i want to!


And the problem here is that i can't even disable the scan, or remove the games profiles from this tab in bulk, instead i have to remove them one by one, and sometimes they just refresh and reappear again!...

With hundreds of games installed it is a hassle to try to get to the Fan control to adjust the fan RPM while gaming, and that forces me to keep the Radeon software opened all the time at the OverDrive tab so i don't have to navigate to there again if i closed it...


Please fix this, and other than that i must say that i appreciate your software and all the effort you guys put in to it, to make it as good as it is now, it is a well done job.


Thank you,

Best Regards. !