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Can't update Graphics driver without major stuttering/lag

Question asked by august2370 on Dec 22, 2018

I have a HP Pavilion Power Desktop - 580-131 and in order for the device to properly function without it chopping every other second with lag I have to remove my video display software (AMD Radeon RX 580), any form of display driver update will create this same type of lag. I have tried several different driver versions from several different dates, all do the same thing. I went to the AMD site and downloaded the current drive, same thing. I went to the HP site and downloaded their driver update and no change.

The only driver date that allows for use is dated at 7/19/2017 (Version or (17.7), The driver update for AMD from the HP site has a listed date at 8/8/2018 though when I download it, it downloads a driver version that is at around 10/17/2017(Still causes same lag). I have about 4 other driver update versions from 4 different dates that I tried as well ranging from 12/12/2017 to 12/17/2018. They all insight that same kind of lag/freezing. I updated my BIOS and also attempted to update my Processor (AMD Ryzen 5 1400 quad) and still nothing.


UPDATE: After trying out 18.12.2 again I changed my mouse settings to show trailing and it fixed about 1/3 of the lag, I restarted and re downloaded my keyboard, mouse and monitor drivers and id say about 90% of the lag is fixed. When I initially do some kind of input, like move the mouse, scroll or type there can still be lag though, but its tolerable enough to where i don't feel compelled to automatically uninstall my device.


UPDATE: The reason I even noticed this problem is due to me coming back from a 3 month World of Warcraft break and it telling me i needed to update my driver, ever since the massive lag i got from the update I haven't even attempted to play wow until now and it ironically runs great. the problem is seemingly resolved I guess, though i can't help but see it as just temporary fixes.