Vega 64 multimonitor BSOD (thread_stuck_in_device_driver/TDR)

Discussion created by taimer2u on Dec 22, 2018
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Windows 10 pro 64 bit

Asus Prime z370-a

Intel 8700k

Vega 64 reference card

G.skill trident 8gb 3200Mhz x2

Thermaltake toughpower 850W 80+ Gold


I have read through a ton of posts about driver issues with the Vega 64 and have had no luck resolving my issue.


When I am using two monitors I am able to undervolt/overclock my vega 64. I have run it through plenty of tests and it is stable.

As soon as I plug in or enable a third monitor I am immediately hit with a BSOD 95% of the time it's thread_stuck_in_device_driver, occasionally TDR stopped responding.

It doesn't matter which monitor is the "third" one.

I would write it off as my gpu needing a bit more power, but it seems like ANY change in my wattman settings with 3 monitors = BSOD. I have used DDU and tried the four most recent AMD drivers and put my ram through ten passes of memtest86.


Any input would be greatly appreciated!