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From Mac BootCamp users: Thank you AMD

Question asked by matd2100 on Dec 22, 2018



On behalf of everyone within the Mac BootCamp community, I just want to say a massive thank you for releasing your unified driver version 18.10.

This is the first OFFICIAL driver since I bought my iMac 5k in 2014 that no longer has stuttering issues in every single game for the M295X.

(Yes at this point I should point out that I did fix this myself with the modified drivers a while ago, but I appreciate an official fix nonetheless).


I'd like to add a few pointers/feedback based on my testing on an M295X:


  • Not sure why the software is still only based on 17.12? ReLive and many others features actually work really well, even on the latest 18.12.3 release (this is a modified version again that I've released yesterday but based somewhat on the unified driver released a few days ago). We would still appreciate a more up-to-date software setup.
  • Driver files seem to be based on versions dating back to June (06/2018). This is a shame as this suggests BootCamp users are still not completely up-to-date with optimizations and game compatibility.
  • Apple haven't released this through their software update mechanism (yet). Is this a sign that AMD finally changing their stance on giving Apple complete control of driver releases? (This would be amazing if true).
  • Unfortunately as a result of using these older driver files, there is actually a bug for the M295X. Whenever you exit a game, the resolution of the screen becomes locked to 1024x768 and you cannot change it to any other resolution within Windows settings. The only fix is to completely uninstall the driver. This bug was fixed with August and newer driver files (18.8.2 and newer).


The issue of 5k displaying incorrectly as two separate displays on the iMac 5k with Radeon Pro 500 series cards has been fixed with the latest 18.12.3 driver version.

In fact this version (which I had to modify to make it work for BootCamp users) is very, very stable, and I haven't found any significant bugs yet (once I figured out how to get ReLive working again with a V2 of the driver that I made today).


Well those are my thoughts.

Thank you once again for this important release, and have a great christmas and new year.