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How to get RX 590 working on Arch based?

Question asked by tomari on Dec 22, 2018

Right so at the moment, I can't use Ubuntu or Linux Mint due to a frankly weird problem where the installation media refuses to install grub and aborts. So I'm now using Manjaro. Unfortunately, while AMD doesn't support Linux, it supports Arch based even less but I don't have much of a choice.


Both in Mint (before it went kaput) and now in Manjaro the furthest I can get with the Graphics card in place is the bios screens. Once the operating system begins to kick in, there is no display whatsover. If I unplug the graphics card (forcing it to rely on Integrated Graphics because apparently changing which PCI in bios appears not to matter) then the computer boots properly (into an out of the box Manjaro) (Kernel 4.19).


I really want to be able to use my new Graphics card and I'm wondering whether some kind soul would be able help out. I'd be happy to get logged in with on 50% capacity as I appreciate that fixes are due in the kernel when it is released (whenever that will be).


At the moment, I only have the basic drivers installed nothing special, because I can't figure out how to install the additional drivers. I believe that amdgpu itself was merged (as far as Arch is concerned) with 'video-linux' so it's unnecessary to add that one, but AMDGPU-Pro was not, but I can't figure out how to install that. Normally there's an auto-detection thing in Manjaro, but I can't get into Manjaro with the GPU plugged in and hotswapping a GPU sounds...risky.


If anyone needs specs, I'll be happy to oblige.