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    18.2.2 Fullscreen glitch/lagg (R9 280X)


      I am experiencing frame spikes and stuttering during full screen mode on many of my steam games, sometimes browsers playing youtube videos, and VLC player at fullscreen. I cash on some games after 40-60mins of play. GPU doesnt exceed 75c and cpu doesnt exceed 70c.
      My monitor resolution is 16x9 at 60hz. the 18.1.1 driver worked fine. I had no issue running games. I am sure its the driver because even VLC is stuttering badly in fullscreen. Does anyone have a solution without installing the current driver?

      Notes: I have the extra setting such as chill, peroformance, and etc off. The only thing I have on is relive's replay, gif, and desktop recording. Display settings and global graphics setting are all untouched.




      • CPU: Ryzen 7 2700
      • GPU: R9 280X
        Ram: 16gb DDR4 3000mhz
      • MBO: B450 Tomahawk
      • PSU: CX600 watt
      • Harddrive: SSD crucial 500gb