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HD 7970 Lightning BSOD after installing 18.12.2-18.12.3 drivers

Question asked by dekkard on Dec 21, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2018 by joecrow

Hello. I faced with a BSOD problem while was installing 18.12.2 (DDU+Clean Install)  drivers on my old but gold HD 7970 Lightning. Same problem with 18.12.3. Currenly using old Microsoft Drivers 25.20.14011.10001. They works fine buy i have some strange color artifacts while whatching videos (not space invaders, or pixels but some strange colorish shadows).


My PC is new.

r7 2700x

strix f x470 gaming (bios 4024)

Win 10 64 (1809, Language Russian+English)



Going to buy new graphics card after New Year hollidays


Before BSOD I was using 18.12.1. No crashes. Worked fine. Any help please?