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AMD RX Vega gpu frequency after reboot

Question asked by pobeditel322 on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 1, 2019 by pobeditel322

Hello! I have a problem with my vega 56 gpu frequency.

My configuration is:

Ryzen 2700x

Asrock x470 taichi

AMD Vega 56

G.Skill Trident Z 3200 c14

Samsung EVO 970 250gb m.2

Power supplay Corsair Vengeance 650m

Windows 10 pro


I did program my vega 56 to vega 64 bios and overclocked it by WattMan. When i start any game or benchmark my GPU frequency is around 1600 mhz and it's stable.

But if i turn off my PC and start it again, GPU frequency decreases to 1565-1580 mhz. If i reboot  pc ( don't turn off, just reboot) and start benchmark, frequency increase to 1600 mhz again. Instead rebooting, i can switch on HBCC module in radeon settings, frequency increase,  but after  turning off pc, situation is same. I using MSI Afterburner and GPU Z for monitoring. The only indicator that changes in GPU Z - memory usage (dedicated and dynamic), when frequecy 1600 it shows - 0 mb both.

No matter what bios or driver i use. Even on second bios with low power supply and balanced preset i see same problem.