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amd ryzen 5 2400g  random crashes in games

Question asked by katsasfox on Dec 20, 2018
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a few months ago i bought this cpu which was used without any gpu(it was temporary until i get a gpu). i had some problems with windows under heavy load(BSOD: VIDEO TDR FAILURE).after many tries nothing was fixed so i bought earlier than i wanted a gpu(asus dual 1060 6g). now i have some other problems while im gaming in specific games such as tom clancys rainbow six siege, it randomly crashes the game but the system doesnt hung , i only have to open the task manager and just kill the "not responding app". now at some point it gets annoying any ideas?

system specs:

cpu :amd ryzen 5 2400g

mobo: asus rog b350-f gaming

ram: corsair vengeance 1x8 gb

psu: corsair tx 500m

gpu asus dual 1060 6gb