Radeon rx480 8gb crash

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My pc crashes when i play games,not every game,usually when a game has unity on it or something.Last game this happent was pathfinder kingmaker although with the latest driver update the game seemed to be ok although i had some glitches.But usually i get hard crashes and i need to reboot my pc completely.Dont know if its card related or game or what.Now im facing this issue with a game called atom rpg.Played Gta v no problems never crashed as well as some other games that dont crash.I cant pinpoint what the problem is and i hope you guys can anwser it.



heres my specs





My power source is corsair cs 650watt modular and my ram is ramgskill ripjaws dd4 2x8 gb 2800mhz and mobo is asus 170 h pro gaming



Things i ve done


-clean install os windows 10

-used ddu to remove old drivers before installing new ones

-upgraded mobo bios

-toyed with the watts or whatchamacalit in the global wattman

-upped the fan speed from some post in reddit which had the same issue

-downloaded latest everything(dx libraries etc)

-generally anything reccomended anywhere i tried it.



Please any help is appreciated and sorry if i posted in wrong forum



ps dunno if its relevant at all but sometimes my screen goes black for 1 2 secs and then it comes back.