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Still experiencing problems with latest AMD drivers

Question asked by kessler on Dec 20, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2018 by kingfish

Hi guys,



Well last week I was given some good advice from Kingfish regarding a driver problem I was having and which appeared to be sorted.  My fix lasted all of one day and since then I have been trying all kinds of things to fix it.


Basically I upgraded my drivers from version 18.5.1 to the latest version of 18.12.2.  After that I couldn't get all of my displays to work at once.  I didn't know at the time that I also could not open the radeon settings and this appears to be crucial.  The reason being is that the AMD Crossfire option is being defaulted to on and I need it off - turning it off means all my displays work ok.


At the moment I have managed to install driver version 18.9.3 and I am able to enter the radeon settings and turn off the AMD crossfire. Each time I then try to upgrade to the latest driver version this is when I am unable to enter the radeon settings to turn off the crossfire option.  So obviously I think that there is something going wrong when installing the latest version.


I have been doing a DDU uninstall in safe mode each time before I then install the latest version.  I have to keep going back to version 18.9.3 as this allows me to enter the radeon settings to change the crossfire setting.


I have two powercolor RX580 8GB cards on a Asus Prime Z270 board and running Windows 10, in which I followed the link for turning off automatic driver updates using the reg edit.


Does anyone think that with the next driver update my radeon setting may come back or will it never go away?


Any advice appreciated.