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2600X OC 2 cores more than 4.2Ghz

Question asked by prodoctor1987 on Dec 19, 2018
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I'm having performance problems with a game called CS GO.


Somehow none of my hardware get's used all the way, I have lot's of CPU headroom ~70%, GPU depending on map 50%-20% and ram ~60% not used.


So I asume the game CS GO does can not use multi core processors very well.


I'm wondering if it is possible to OC 1 or 2 cores to more than 4.2 Ghz ?


With me they all run on ~4.2 Ghz but this does not seem to be enough or this game is so poorly maintained that it does not work properly with

newer hardware.


I just want to maintain 144 FPS, however I get lot's of FPS drops. This is also map related, so on some maps I get 144FPS the whole time and on others almost never, than it just fluctuates between 100-144 FPS.


My GPU is a GTX 980Ti / CPU 2600X / RAM 16GB 2966Mhz / Windows 10


I have the latest bios, drivers, updates, etc. installed