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Amdkmdap Event ID 4101

Question asked by dtshaw on Dec 19, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2018 by dtshaw

Hello there,


I'll start by listing my hardware specs and going from there.



I5 2500k @4.7ghz

Asus Z68 V Gen 3 (lastest bios)

MSI Twin Frozr 390 (Stock clocks)

Drivers: Aderline 2019 18.12.2

8GB OF DDR3 Ram with XMP profile at 1600mhz

PSU Coolermaster V700

Windows 10 (Lastest updated/edition)


Well, now that's out the way. I'll start by saying that i am having the error Amdkmdap Event ID 4101 Flagging me a lot. It happens most when i load up a game, however. It does occur on the desktop/browsing and watching videos. I mostly get the game crashing, freezing, then coming back, then freezing then crashing again. It will ocasionally just lock up and i'll have to force a shut down.


The strange thing is.. it will work for a day or so and nothing will of changed and it will come back.


I have tried the following solutions...


Reformatted PC

Updated Bios

Used DDC in Safemode

Checked the 12v/7v/5v Rail on my PSU

I have tried 4 different set of drivers.

I have unplugged and reconnected the Graphics card.

I have changed the TDR to 8

I have reset everything to stock including the CPU OC and checked temps for the VRMS/GPU, all within the low to high 60s, same goes for the cpu.



There was one method in which i couldn't get to work. It was the Method 4: Rename atikmdag.sys file.. it was not in said location of C:\Windows\System32\drivers but in C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\c0313676.inf_amd64_96bbc33bec5c7fae\B313602 and i could not rename or do anything as Windows refused to rename it even after adjusting the file access parameters to me.


I am at a loss here. I have tried everything that i have troubleshooted what i have read online and more yet just when i think the profile has disappeared. It comes back and highly annoying.


Any help would be truly appreciated!.