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    Relive Not Recording Desktop Audio.. Period


      So I have an issue I ran into after updating the GPU.
      When I use the Corsair VOID PRO headset as my main audio source and start to record (anything) I get no desktop audio playback in my video.
      But if I unplug my headset and use just the speakers rather than a headset it will record desktop audio, no problem.


      Is there a way I am able to fix this?
      Therefore I can game while using my headset rather than recording with audio playing out my speakers and having that loop back into my the microphone recording as I play?

      I've never seemed to have any issues with ReLive before.. but now something has changed and I don't know what to do because playing with out a gaming headset but rather through your speakers just for game-play audio is a bit obnoxious.
      Especially on the fact of not being able to talk to your friends while you game because their audio loops from the speakers back into the microphone & that gets annoying real quick.