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Is it possible that I'm using an old driver because HP compatibility? (HP Pavilion R7 535DX)

Question asked by dacowick on Dec 18, 2018
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I bought the HP Pavilion Laptop 15-cd006la and originally reported that it brings the Radeon R7 535DX graphic card with 4Gb of memory. Now I'm using a driver from the HP support site, version 17.7 "Crimson ReLive" and worst, modified because it doesn't looks like examples on site. Constantly I receive eMails inviting me to download the new "Adrenaline" software, but it's impossible because doesn't work. The only one is this 17.7.

I've tried already five different softwares.

Which one should be the right one for this device?


I'm trying to upgrade because I can't use those 4Gb, only the 512Mb by default.


Btw. Are those 4Gb real dedicated or shared from RAM?


I can't enjoy games, even on low resolution.