Rx 590 Activity too high after accepting "radeon advicer recommendations"

Discussion created by johnsmith777 on Dec 18, 2018
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I recenty got myself a Rx 590 Fatboy Radeon GPU.

Everything was fine, idle temperatures were at around 37-42c. Fan was quite all the time, unless i started to game.

For around 2 weeks. A few hours ago i noticed the little "!" at the top right corner. I decided, why not, lets give it a try.

So i accepted the reccomedations. Now, my idle temperature is around 62c, activity is high even when pc is complete idle,

(spikes up to 99%), fans start to run every single minute and it is very annoying, no fun at all anymore.

What i already did to solve the problem:

Reset all the settings.

Reset the cache.

Uninstalled the driver, used driver cleaner and reinstalled again.

The card also has begun to "Kickstart" at every PC restart, full fan RPM, never did that in the last 2 weeks.


Nothing works, temperature above 20c the usual (from 35-42c to 64c IDLE), random up to 99% activity spikes on the GPU, fans are annoying me.

Thank you for those great AMD advisor reccomendations, im not sure what to do anymore.


I would like to get some suggestions.


Thank you!


( After i pressed "Yes", to the settings advisor,  ((and oh my god why did i do that?)) all of my 3 screens began to flicker, shut on and off for over 20 seconds.

now the temp climbs from 50c to 60c and then the fans kick in. Absolutely idle, nothing is working but the temperature monitor. Many years ago i said to

myself NEVER AGAIN AMD, and now i did it again. )