Moving a 3D object

Discussion created by shoman007 on Dec 18, 2018

Hello guys

.I am working on a virtual glasses try-on system that allows the user to try a glasses before buying them

:My approach is working as follows

.The user open his web cam and select a glass then the glass should be align to his face on the video

.First of all i create a 3D glass model using blender, then i implement an algorithm that estimate the head pose from the video

Now i want to align the glass on the face using the rotation and translation matrix that i get from rotation and translation matrix and i'am stuck here, so i need to know how to do that using openGL if possible.

?And another question is how to deploy the result (face with a glass align to it) on a web site what should i use

.I hope to find answers for my question here

++I am using OS X and my programming language is c