Ryzen 5 2600X, 2 cores overloading. Why? And Ryzen master not launching.too..

Discussion created by thesadunicorn on Dec 16, 2018
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So here's the full build. (All new)
Cpu: Ryzen 5 2600x

Mobo: x370 Gaming plus

Ram: 2x8gb Balistix sports 3000mhz

Gpu: Gigabytes 1070TI

Psu: Corsair Rmx 750

Drivers: Everything seems up to date using all i have to verify it; Msi Command center, gigabyte app.. I mean everything i can chek my drivers with seems up to date. I would love to be able to launch Ryzen master ...
Windows: Windows 10 home x64 with the latest update

My issue is that sometimes about once or twice a night my computer becomes REALLY laggy for about 6-10 seconds. I was wondering if i could find where it comes from and it feels like its coming from the cpu.

When ever this happens my first 2 cores of the cpu are going up to 100% usage and all the other stay stable (What ever % they were before the event). This pretty much only happens under load, i dont reckong having this happening when im just chilling. Every other stats i can see seems to be just fine. Even the temperature dosent go higher.

Anyone as ever had this happening to them or do you have any idea how i could fix it ?

Also my second issue is with the ryzen master app. I cannot get it to start/launch. When i click on it there a white box and then it goes away and nothing happens...