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screen mouse artifacts above driver 18.2 (Vega 64)

Question asked by youngstarrock on Dec 15, 2018
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2019 by youngstarrock

I have a VEGA 64 Gigabyte reference design.


The standard 17.7 driver works fine, but when I upgrade to newer drivers from 18.5 and above incl latest 18.12.2, I get these weird green and blue (depending on background) colors when I move the mouse in the right side of the screen (see video). Windows also rejects the driver (attached).


I tried to install the latest driver and also tried 18.5.1 and a few other. I had some success with 18.1.1 but honestly I was hoping to get the benefits of the 2019 drivers and AMD's new features.


I did uninstall the old driver using a Graphics uninstall utility i safe mode, and I would download the new driver in advance and install without access to the internet to avoid win 10 mixing up drivers. At some point, I did run into a BSOD and afterwards a circular loop of broken drivers, I have since reinstalled Win 10 pro. The problem is still here.


I'm running Win 10 pro, Ryzen 1600 3.8 GHZ, 16GB ram Corsair, a few SSDs. My PSU is a EVGA BQ650W. Asus b350m-a/csm mobo.


As said I have no issues running 17.7 driver, but that is very old.


What is this on the screen? And Why does Win 10 reject the card with newer drivers installed?


I'm running out of things to do to change it....