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Black screen after update driver

Question asked by fishnzone on Dec 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2018 by fishnzone

Hello everyone, this is my first question here and hope that someone here can help me.

Yesterday my PC was work fine and today my windows 10 decide to update the graphics driver.

after the update every time I try to reboot the PC, it shows the motherboard logo and then black screen (blank).


I tried a few things:

  • Format the windows.
  • Remove the driver with DDU in Safe-Mode and then re-install.
  • Let the windows update find the driver and install it.
  • Install a few version's driver (18.12.2,, 18.12.1, 18.10.2, 18.9.3, 18.5.1, 17.7.1).
  • Set speaker for POST (One beep - All OK).
  • Check for bad capacitors in GPU (Not found any) and set new thermal compound.
  • Check for bad capacitors in PSU (Not found any)


GPU: AMD Radeon R9 200 series (IDs 1002, 6811 means the module is 270)

PSU: Solid ATX-600W


I saw many questions with the same problem and I don't think a company like AMD didn't provide any solution.

So I guess I'm doing something wrong with fixing this problem.

Hope you can help me :\


PS: sorry for my English!