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I cannot open Radeon Overlay in-game

Question asked by bannedcuzwhynot on Dec 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2018 by bannedcuzwhynot

So, i had some troubles with my FPS in CS:GO after Danger Zone update and i thought it might be my video driver after i did read some topics where people said CS:GO has some issues with AMD and Intel Drivers. After that i searched for some fixes but none of it worked so in the end i installed the new update from AMD *18.12.2* and i was suprised that now i can see what's wrong with my settings in-game and what i can do to fix my fps . But i wasn't sure about that so before i started CS:GO i've installed Cs 1.6 to move a bit faster since csgo is eating much more resources than CS 1.6 does and it will take more time to switch between Desktop and the game itself. Nevermind, i opened Radeon control settings, i scanned for new games and it found cs 1.6 i've enabled it there then i've joined in 1.6 to see how Radeon Overlay works. Suprise for me it didn't work when i pressed Alt+R as shown in instructions .. then i thought it might be because 1.6 is an old game so i joined in CS:GO and it didn't work there as well. What can i do ? I'm using MSI Radeon R7 250 2GB OC Edition. Radeon Overlay is enabled for it as well i guess since it shows "Enabled" right under the name of the game.