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    Can't install any AMD driver on laptop


      Problems: unable to install any AMD driver on my laptop.

      System config: Dell Inspiron 5537, I5 4200u, 8gb ddr3 ram, AMD HD8670m 2gb, no curent AMD driver because I used DDU

      Step to reproduce: install latest 18.12.2 crimson driver or any crimson driver

      Expected behavior: installation complete and a pop up that say restart is required

      Actual behavior: install program crash mid installation and entire laptop freezes with USB devices losing their power (I only have mouse connected but switching to different USB port has the same results)

      additional notes: after force shut down and turning on laptop again, it freezes on black screen after the boot part with windows logo. Have to boot up in safe mode and perform clean drivers uninstall in order to boot laptop properly again.

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          Windows 10? You must first install the updated Intel graphics before you install the AMD graphics driver. Go to Intel support using the link included here > Laptop graphics update...How to

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              So it turns out even though I don't have the latest Intel HD graphics driver possible for my processor, I can't install it because I have older, but computer manufacturer customized driver. The latest Intel driver was released in 9/18/2018, while customized driver was released in 9/29/2016.  I tried to install newest driver manually but setup was cancelled automatically.



              I think the older version of AMD driver worked good for me, but I can't install ot and probably any other driver except Catalyst because as far as I can understand following versions of AMD driver installers automatically download the newest version of driver.


              I will try to install Intel HD driver from Dell website even though it has the same driver version number but it was updated in 06/02/2017 according to info in Dell website.


              Edit: the outcome is still the same, laptop freezes at the beginning of flashing phase of AMD drivers installation.


              Could it be that my GPU is failing? I managed to install one version of drivers yesterday successfully, but had to delete them because of BSOD error which by googling is usually caused because of incompatible 2018/01/08 (if I recall correctly) security update to some of AMD drivers.

              And failing GPU would be strange because I found someone on the internet that has identical laptop and has same problem as me installing drivers and that problem occurred at the same day as mine.