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Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered.

Question asked by youssefk on Dec 14, 2018


i7 6850k

RX 570 8GB MSI Mk2



X99-UD3P Gigabyte MOBO


This is unbelievable. Check my post history, I had this same issue with the Sapphire R9 270x way back and assumed it was dead after 3 years of hardcore gaming. Sold that card and got a GTX 760 as a temporary replacement while i saved up for a RX 570. Just got it in the mail and I can't do a single gaming task with it. Event viewer gives the message in the title. No the TDR registry edit did not work don't recommend it. I want to love this brand so much. But I can not believe this happening again. It works fine without the drivers installed but obviously I can't actually play games. Yes I used DDU and tried to clean install drivers. Im considering just returning it and get a 1060. Just black screens and the game immediately crashes. It worked fine for a few hours playing PUBG and League of Legends, but now this is happening...