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How to switch to the dedicated card in  DELL Inspiron 5567 i7 7500u

Question asked by islamsamy on Dec 15, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2018 by kingfish

I have DELL Inspiron 5567 i7 7500u / 8Gb / Dual graphic cards : integrated one is Intel HD Graphics 620 +  dedicated one is Radeon R7 M445 4Gb

Windows 10 Pro x64 bit


I do not have the "Configure switchable graphics" options from the desktop. Under the system tab in the AMD Radeon settings UI, it shows "Hardware AMD R7 M265 series (disabled).

I've updated the driver version without any benefit.


There are a conflict between the Autocad program and the graphic card in the laptop although the driver was updated according to the the recommended procedure from Autodesk. See the attached file.


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Please, help me. I want to use the dedicated graphic card as the default one.