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Slow alt and tab with 18.12.2

Question asked by catsado on Dec 14, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by alex_wells

Good day friends.

Ihave a Asus TOP R9 280X running under Windows 7 64bits. Yesterday I have updated to the latest drivers 18.12.2 and I've got the following problem. I play heroes of the storm and when I alt and tab it takes around 4 secs for the thing to happen in these 4 seconds the screen is pure black. I tried everything that came in mind and nothing helped. I have reverted to 18.11.2 drivers and everything is working fine, alt and tabbing is now instant. Do you have any idea what may be to source of the problem with the latest drivers? Maybe a new option somewhere in the menus or maybe its a bug?