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AMD Adrenalin 2019 makes Vega 64 more sensitive to low voltages

Question asked by thedarkone198 on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by thedarkone198

Before the 2019 update, I was able to (using MSI Afterburner because Radeon Wattman was and still is way more convoluted) reach -150 mV on stock speeds. With power limit at 50%, I was able to keep a constant speed of near 1600MHz. If I raised the mV up to -100, I could OC the GPU to ~1670 and see the rated boost of about 1630 MHz. It was peachy.


NOW, with the new drivers, I am not able to go below -68 mV (again in MSI-A) and if I do, I get complete driver crashes and restarts. It barely goes above 1500 MHz, even with max power limit. It is WAY more sensitive and this means the new drivers effectively make me lose performance. -68 is not too bad, honestly but it's preventing me from having an extra 60-80 MHz which can make a difference. That was the main gripe most had with Vega, saying its performance was poor. They were getting clocks of 1400-1500 MHz and getting nowhere near its peak performance. It is very important to squeeze out all you can with these GPUs. At least my HBM2 can still OC up to about 980 MHz safely. I have not tried going above that before, aside from 1000MHz once that ended quite badly. Had to hard restart.


I do not know what the new drivers have done but I am not a fan.


Speaking of fans, the new drivers also break MSI-A's control over the fan curve. Ironically, Wattman now has a great (albeit sensitive to tweak) fan control now. Still, I prefer the simplicity of MSI-A's one slider for each thing environment. I am eager for either an update to Afterburner or the drivers that restore that functionality as well as giving me back my ability to undervolt like a champ.


Is anyone else having these problems and are there solutions I do not know of?