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How to get zero RPM on latest 2019 update?

Question asked by avidat on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 28, 2019 by johnsmith7171

With this update Radeon WattMan is supposed to change fan speed with temperature dependent fan curves and Zero RPM fan control.


Unfortunately its not working or should I say never worked from the time I installed the update to now. I have it enabled in Wattman,not even Afterburner can get the rpm down to Zero. On everything was working so well on idling rpm would be on zero temps would be 37-38. I dont mind the 1000 rpm idling and the 4-5 degrees drop just wanted to mention the zero rpm function is not working for me


EDIT: It started working I am now zero rpm. Strangely I haven't touched settings in Global or Wattman after enabling Wattman, I just reset everything and it jumped down to zero.