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18.12.2 wont work, cpu useage 100%

Question asked by lordly_blank on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2018 by flitzjoy

Hello everyone, after updating driver to 18.12.2 my cpu useage was 100 (there were 2 amd hosts) i have amd radeon R7 250 1GB, intel pentium G3260 (i am waiting for 3 gen ryzen processor to upgrade also upcoming amd gpu) and i basicly computer was non useable. Driver version 18.9.3 works fine for now. I did a clean driver instalation for 18.12.2 and for 18.9.3 which i am currently using. I couldn't open radeon settings(18.12.2). Is my gpu bad for this driver or i did something wrong?

Best regards and thanks in advance!