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I am trying to install version 18.5.1 of AMd adrenalin but latest version keeps installing.

Question asked by kessler on Dec 13, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2018 by kingfish

Hi all,



I installed the latest AMD drivers, version 18.12.2 yesterday and it immediately caused problems with my multiple display setup.  I have been using version 18.5.1 and had no problems until this.  So I figured I should reinstall the version 18.5.1 but every time I try to do this, the latest version keeps installing.  Is there a way I can stop this from happening?


Just to inform you, I have two powercolor Radeon RX580's 8GB and I run a total of 3 monitors 1 HDTV  and one projector.  I have 3 monitors connected to the displayports of one card and the projector and  HDTV connected to the other card.  I also have one smaller monitor that is connected to the onboard graphics of the motherboard, this because I had display problems initially too with the stable 18.5.1 but all was great once the monitor was connected to the onboard graphics.


My 3 monitors connected to the first card are done so by active VGA to displayport adaptors.


Since installing the latest driver version, I can only seem to run one card at once and so have lost half my setup.  I have tried various ways of swapping the connections around but I can either only get the projector and HDTV to work together or all monitors and HDTV but not the projector.  I have a flight simulator setup which is run from all this.


I hope someone is able to offer some help.  All this happened at the same time as some windows 10 updates go installed so it could well be those that have caused it, but I wanted to try reverting to the earlier drivers first.


Many thanks,