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Switching HDMI source causes my HTPC to go to sleep

Question asked by nubio on Dec 12, 2018

i recently built a new HTPC to replace my previous one...using Gigabyte B450 Aorus Pro WiFi mb + AMD Ryzen 5 2400G APU w/ 18.10.1 video or audio cards...running Win10 Pro x64...display is 10 y/o JVC 61" TV


the extremely annoying problem i have is that if i'm doing something on the HTPC, and switch the HDMI input source to something else, like my Cable Box tuner for example, the HTPC goes to sleep, and any processes i have running (file transfers, internet downloading, etc.,) get paused/stopped...the activity/status light on the HTPC even shuts off until i switch back to the HTPC and press keyboard keys to wake the system up


i have everything i can think of in Win10 set to never put the system to sleep, no screensaver, no PW required for log in, etc.


why would my system immediately go to sleep when the TV's HDMI input source gets switched?


never had this problem with my old HTPC and the same TV


another forum mentioned it might be related to the AMD video driver?