3D Processors - Future Projection

Discussion created by netherrealm on Dec 12, 2018

So we can see that Intel has started work on 3D processor technology. I say that their cooling methods provided for these processors will be sub optimal (go figure)...


In the future I envision, I see MASSIVE CPUs and GPUs doing who knows what in ordinary desktop computers and servers alike... I don't mean large like Threadripper, I mean take threadripper, make it TALLER...


Cooling a CPU like this wouldn't be easy, and overheating would probably occur quite often in the center of a large CPU block( I will be referring to my hypothetical CPU as a block because a chip isn't really what I envision, and for what I imagine it is much more accurate).


The old method of cooling would require a heatsink on the surface of a CPU to cool it, to adequately cool a CPU block you will need to add more surface area for a heatpipe to make contact, which I see is just wasted extra space.


My suggestion: CPU Block Integrated Liquid Cooling. (Don't bother with that as an acronym.)


Current CPU chips are flat and really only have 1 surface for cooling; when you extend a CPU upwards and add more cores or whatever you need to make sure that it is properly cooled so that it doesn't get too hot, overheat and die.


I'm not saying intel is better than AMD because they beat them to the punch, but if AMD wants to become a part of this possible future market of 3D Processors they need to make themselves stand out, so why not make an entrance onto the 3D market with WAY more than adequate cooling methods built right in!? An overclockers dream is what I would call that.


I see it as more likely that there will be some sort of heatpipe to take the heat away from the CPU dies and move that up to the top so that old cooling is still an option... I see that as a waste of time,and a waste of possibilities.


AMD should patent water cooling of 3D processors in a way that allows the end user to connect their own liquid cooling system to the new blocks and not just integrate a cooler into the CPU...



If AMD made a patent for this, and released a 3D processor line in 2020/2030(?) intel wouldn't even be able to compete(or compute).



What are your thoughts opinions or questions on this topic?