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How to make 5 monitors all work with one Radeon(TM) R7 360 card?

Question asked by eliezerl on Dec 12, 2018
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Currently I have one R7 360 graphic card, of 4 GB memory. The card has 6 mini-DP outputs. I connect the PC (windows 7) with 5 monitors via 5 mini-DP-to-HDMI cables. However, only 3 monitors are active. When I select the other two monitors, extend my desktop to them, and apply, an error pops up saying I am unable to save the display setting. I'm able to activate any 3 of the 5 monitors, that is, 1, 2 and 3, or 3, 4 and 5, and so on. But I cannot activate more than 3 monitors at the same time. I really appreciate it if someone could help me on this.