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    Microcode Update E1-1200


      I am using a PC with the AMD E1-1200 processor.


      Is this processor susceptible to the Spectre V2 vulnerability?


      There are no microcode updates available from the manufacturer of the PC none are available from AMD.


      Now I do not know if I can use the PC or do I need to dispose of it. What should I do to avoid the problem?

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          Honestly even unpatched IMHO you will likely never have any issue from this if you are just a single end user. I do however always recommend to use any available security patch.


          If you are on Windows 7 or Windows 10 and are fully up to date on updates then your system is fully patched. If your processor needs it then don't worry it is patched.


          I don't know what you or on since you gave no hardware or software information.


          The following page contains all official information on this from AMD:


          AMD Processor Security | AMD

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            I posted a small program that checks whether your CPU is vulnerable to the Spectre or Meltdown virus. here is info on the program if interested. : GRC Inspectre program advises if your computer is Meltdown/Spectre protected 


            You can download the program and see if your E1-1200 is susceptible to the Spectre virus. IF it is and your Motherboard is considered to be obsolete or "End of Line" and not supported with BIOS updates than you are out of luck if your CPU has the Spectre flaw.


            But I wouldn't be concerned about someone using the flaw to take a hold of your computer. It is rather complicated to do. As far as I have read, there have been no cases of someone taking advantage of the Spectre Virus flaw to compromise a computer yet.


            Just to be on the safe side, you can encrypt your hard drive information either using Windows Bitlocker or 3rd party encryption software like Truecrypt.


            I have an Asus AM3+ Motherboard that is considered to be "End of Line" and Asus Support told me there will be no more BIOS Updates, so my FX 8350 will vulnerable to the Spectre Virus flaw.

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