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Mobo and OS don't recognize gpu.

Question asked by jayce1971 on Dec 10, 2018

I've updated an older computer, fresh install of Windows 10.  Computer to be used for running boinc (MilkyWay@home).  Specs:

Foxconn Destroyer 780a mobo

PhenomII 980 (aio cooler)

(2) Radeon 6990 GPUs

8Gb GSkill DDR2 1066

Lepa 1600watt PSU

I cannot get the mobo or windows 10 to recognize the gpus.  I've tried swapping them, installing just one or the other, both, etc.  They do not show up in device driver under display adapter or hidden.  I've installed the latest Radeon driver Catalyst 15.1 and it successfully installed software for the CPU.  I've shut off onboard graphics in the bios, no change.  Both card's fans spin up, but no display on display port or vga.  Newest mobo bios installed.  Onboard graphics drivers uninstalled successfully.  Any suggestions?