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Radeon Pro WX7100 video (netflix) issue

Question asked by efreetcs on Dec 10, 2018
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I have a problem with some video content in some conditions with my graphic card :

- Chrome + GPU enabled

- Netflix

- 10bits enable


- windows 10 (1803 / 1809)

- chrome latest version

- AMD drivers : 18.q3.x / 18.q4

- icc profile : v4 LUT black compensation

- Eizo CX271


(Computer formated and reinstalled multiple times)


The luminosity and colors are wrong in the shadows.
If I disable the GPU in Chrome, or if I put the drivers in 8bits, the video are displayed correctly.


Here are screenshot about the problem :




2018-12-10 (3).png

2018-12-10 (4).png

2018-12-10 (5).png


Netflix Serie : Sabrina s01e04