Radeon Rx550 Low FPS (WAS GOOD BEFORE)

Discussion created by freelancer555 on Dec 9, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2018 by pokester

Hello i have an Radeon rx 550 and recently my games started working with lower FPS then it used to games were working fine winthalmost 100 FPS now it's like 5-10 FPS (Euro Truck Simolator 2) for example World of Warcraft works on 80 FPS with no issues but Euro truck Simulator runs at 5-10 FPS as well as old Warcraft III strategy game works on 8 FPS i have no idea why i did clean Format of my pc installed OS again and issue remains like i said Euro Truck Simulator 5-10 FPS, World of Warcraft with no issues 80 FPS, Warcraft III 8 FPS i will download and check other games ! Please if you can give me any advice !