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dxva issues

Question asked by rrrrex on Dec 10, 2018

Video won't open properly with enabled DXVA. Non h.264 opens with decent delay, at first player opens, then system freezes for a few seconds, video opens. If it is h.264 the same happens but without video opens. If I turn off/ turn on DXVA (through LAV video decoder), non h.264 videos opens without delay, h.264 still not opens.

Also it happens ~50% system startups, i can reboot pc and issue disappears for some time.


System: Phenom ii x4, 8GB Ram, Radeon HD7850 2GB, Asus Xonar DS

Latest k-lite codec pack with MPC (but it doesn't matter what player do i use, same issue happens with wmp), latest amd video drivers, windows 10 pro x64